‘Objet Trouvé also known as ‘Found Objects’ — describes art crafted from openly visible yet frequently altered objects. These objects are not typically used as materials to create art with as they tend to have a non-art function.

A ‘found object’, whether it's natural, man-made, or even just a fragment, is kept and preserved due to an inherent connection and interest the artist has with the object. It can be treated as a work of art in itself, and as a muse for inspiration.
Design a piece of jewellery that depicts the essence of ‘Objet Trouvé’ - take an object of your past and reimagine it in a contemporary form. Destined to be a collectors piece, the ‘Found object’ may be modified and presented as art, either more or less intact, or as part of a ensemble of other elements.

Found objects could include - a vintage poker chip, antique coins, collected shells, vintage venetian glass beads, buttons.